About Games Development company

MetaOption Games has been creating a buzz in the mobile gaming market for nearly a decade now. It is the gaming arm of MetaOption LLC which is the leading software development company with a global reach. The company has been successfully launching highly entertaining games that have captured the fancies of its players since the time its first game was launched.

MetaOption Games started off as a humble department and grew into an independent entity thanks to the rising demand among fans of our existing games and also clients who are impressed with the creative drive of our team. Our game development team are reputed for creating highly addictive game applications in all categories of leading mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and HTML 5 based cross platform applications.

MetaOption Games team includes highly talented and creative software engineers, animation experts, creative visualizers, and graphic designers with extensive domain knowledge, access to latest development technologies and unbridled enthusiasm that keeps them on top of their game. We work with the shared vision of creating games that will continue to thrill our audience and capture their imaginations with the great imagery and gameplay.

MetaOption Games: Platform Diversity

MetaOption Games Development

MetaOption Games has thrived alongside our innovative and engaging games that have been conceptualized and created by our expert software engineers, animation experts, creative visualizers, and graphic designers. We have provided state-of-the-art infrastructure and complete independence to our innovators to facilitate their creativity. They leverage the technological advancement that MetaOption Games provide them and inculcate vital factors that make our games complete gamer-friendly.

MetaOption Advantages

Following factors make our games interesting and fun, that keeps the gamers hooked to their device:

MetaOption Advantages

MetaOption Games are determined to create true and cult entertaining applications that will transform the world of entertainment. The global gaming sector has tremendous potentials for companies, developers as well as players; and MetaOption’s tech geeks have pledged to exploit this opportunity for their organization and come out with such games that will set the stage for future of the entertainment industry.