Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs is an activity eBook based on the story of the same name from the Kideo eTales series. The eBook has 35 pages of fun, interactive and educational activities for children. While reading the book and playing the interactive games, the child will –

  • Become familiar with over 400 English and Spanish words, verbally and visually
  • Develop strong listening skills in English and Spanish
  • Develop ability to recognize colors and shapes
  • Improve imagination and creativity

Also available in English-Mandarin.


  • Blow the House Down: Game where the child will blow down the little pigs’ houses by tilting and blowing into the mic!
  • Construction game: The child exercises his/her imagination to build a masterpiece with shapes and colors!
  • Matching game: Child’s memory will be exercised with this three-level picture matching game!
  • Maze: The child must help the little pigs or the wolf to find their way by tracing the path with his/her finger!
  • Puzzles: Three different levels of puzzles, challenging the child’s memory for pictures!
  • Coloring pages: Color scenes from the story using different colors and paint features.

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What's New in Version 1.4

  • Few bug fixes
  • iOS 7 support

Feature Set

  • A video from the Emmy Award Winning PBS Kids® literacy series Between the Lions®
  • Words are highlighted so that the child can follow and identify them
  • When a word is tapped, it is repeated for the child to listen
  • Touch the characters to play with interactive content or educational games
  • Personalize the story by recording it in your own voice

Some Other Games