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Word Search Plus

Word Search Plus is a word jumble where random words will be presented on a board and the player has to identify words and strike them off. The word list will be provided at the bottom of the screen. The words can be stricken off horizontally, vertically and diagonally – spelt forward and backward.

There are five categories of word group to choose from-

  • Animal
  • Dictionary
  • Food
  • Science
  • World

The colorful stripe for striking out will appear when the right word has been selected. A timer will be ticking on one corner of the game board to display how long you take.

Start ticking your way off to a greater vocabulary with Word Search Plus !!!

Feature Set

  • Multiple levels of game play
  • Great interface
  • Leader board with high scores to compete with friends
  • Timer to ensure quick work
  • Post performance on Facebook

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