MetaOption’s Android game development team have successfully launched several 2D games on the Play Store. They leverage the potential of Android SDK And Engine and Box2D together to create highly challenging and entertaining physics based games. Our team has recreated many of our Apple iOS games for the Android platform using AndEngine.

andengine Games

AndEngine is a 2D game engine, enriched by rich functionalities that enable our Android game developers to bring to life a wide variety of games. AT MetaOption, we use AndEngine for –

  • Creating 2D games by using its powerful frameworks and extensions
  • Applying functionalities such as multi-touch, screen resolution scaling, and performance optimization to implement the game on different devise
  • Customizing front-end framework for creating menu and levels
  • Build animated, responsive, Live wallpapers
  • Manage application lifecycle

The Box2D extension on And Engine allows our developers to generate physics-based games and simulations. It is used for integrating Box2D functionalities in the game, such as –

andengine Games
  • ripple, wave or lense effects
  • actions such as move, rotate or scale
  • adding layers, sprites and scenes
  • Screen transition
  • Sprite sheet
  • rendering text
  • sound support
  • Parallax scrolling
  • integrate physics engine

We have successfully implemented Box2D extension on AndEngine to create highly entertaining games which are performing well on the Google Play Store

To find out more about Android game development at MetaOption and to discuss any projects, get in touch with us.