iPhone Games MetaOption uses Box2D for creating physics based games for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Box2D is an open source C++ engine that is used to simulate physics based actions in 2D games such as friction, contact, restitution, stacking etc. The basic pre-requisite for using Box2D development platform is knowledge of C++ and a designer with extensive imagination, our team consists of both.

iPhone Games Our mobile game development team has largely applied physics theories in game development and Box2D is used to create the appropriate actions. Physics games are very popular among mobile gamers because they are challenging and require analytical and motor skills to win. We are working woards tapping the large market and some of our games like StackoMania, Alien Attack, Tower Box 3D etc.


We work with clients to create unique concepts for puzzle and strategy –based game platforms. As physics games with 2D animation can be played on all models of smartphones and tablets with equal ease, they have gained huge popularity. We are tapping on this growth momentum and creating games with excellent graphics and special effects that have been loved by our users.


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